Pregnancy & Dental hygiene

Pregnancy is an important event in someone’s life that requires a lot of preparation. But taking care of your dental health is critical because the hormonal changes associated with this period can have a detrimental effect on teeth and gums. Also, if your mouth is healthy, it’s a safe bet that your baby’s mouth will also be healthy.

Mothers who have periodontitis (infection of the tooth-supporting tissues, gums and others) have a higher risk of premature labor: 18% of births prematurely (1) are attributed to periodontal disease. The risk of giving birth to an underweight child is also increased in case of periodontitis.

In this case, what to do?

If you are pregnant, regularly visit your dentist to prevent the onset of periodontal disease. In addition to a methodical brushing twice a day, use mouthwash, dental floss, interdental brushes … to properly remove dental plaque.

So do not forget your teeth and gums!

(1) Jambon A.C. Parodontite et menace d’accouchement prématuré. Quintessence du congrès ADF, 2001. 134-5.