How to choose your toothbrush ?

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Therefore, a good toothbrush is an essential tool to take care of your teeth. So, it is important to choose a toothbrush carefully. But what type of toothbrush is suitable for me? This article will help you to make the right choice for you.

What types of strands is better for me?

For people with no particular disease, it is recommended to use a soft tooth brush or a medium one. Hard toothbrushes cause abrasion of the teeth and a retraction of the gums which can lead to dental and cosmetic problems.

What kind of brush head is adapted to my mouth?

We all have different face morphology; therefore our arrangement of our teeth and jaw are also different. For people with narrow jaws, dentists recommend choosing small heads toothbrushes. More manageable, they help to attain areas difficult to access. Thanks to their compact heads and their long and ultrathin neck, ELGYDIUM Creation® toothbrush and ELGYDIUM Performance® toothbrush were specifically designed to facilitate access to the back teeth which are usually difficult to clean.

Which toothbrush to choose for children?

Better choose a soft brush that can be used from 12 months without toothpaste, once a day. The “junior” brushes, have a small head, adapted to the size of the mouth of the child. From 7-8 years, parents can find tips on how to encourage children to brush their teeth so that the brushing time does not seem long. For example, you can give them an hourglass to measure their brushing time or download applications to make them aware of the importance of taking care of their teeth (Mon Raccoon®).

Are there specific brushes for certain situations?

  • During pregnancy, the risk of gingival inflammation is higher due to hormonal changes. A finer brush with bristles of 15 hundredths of a millimetre can be used if the gums bleed or are swollen and painful. We recommend you the brush INAVA Maternity®
  • After dental surgery, dentists prescribe toothbrushes with even finer strands (6.5-7 hundredths of mm). We recommend INAVA Post-Operatoire 6.5 / 100®. This toothbrush is very soft; it allows brushing the teeth without pain. Afterwards, a toothbrush of 15-20 hundredths of mm can be used on sore gums before returning to a normal brush. Our experts advise the toothbrush INAVA Post-Operatoire 20/100®.
  • In case of tooth sensitivity, it is recommended to use a sensitive toothbrush with small head and very fine strands, like the ELGYDIUM Sensitive toothbrush.
  • For those wearing braces, special toothbrushes can be used with specific strands implantation designed to clean between the braces. We recommend the toothbrush INAVA Topix Orthodontie.