10 Tips against halitosis

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath is a common inconvenience for people suffering from this. Patients suffering from bad breath, clinically identified by a halimeter generally have bleeding gums, a tongue coated with a bacterial film and a dry mouth. Dental disease can also cause bad breath. In these cases, we must treat this […]

How to choose your toothbrush ?

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Therefore, a good toothbrush is an essential tool to take care of your teeth. So, it is important to choose a toothbrush carefully. But what type of toothbrush is suitable for me? This article will help you to make the right choice […]

Diabetes & Podiatry: The right moves

Diabetes can be associated with complications of the foot that can be severe and should be prevented. It is therefore very important that you take good care of your feet. This article is designed to help you apply the right moves daily and thus take care of the health of your feet. 1 – Examine […]

Pregnancy & Dental hygiene

Pregnancy is an important event in someone’s life that requires a lot of preparation. But taking care of your dental health is critical because the hormonal changes associated with this period can have a detrimental effect on teeth and gums. Also, if your mouth is healthy, it’s a safe bet that your baby’s mouth will […]

Why should we take care of our mouth?

The mouth has an extremely important role in each person’s life. As babies, it is a gateway to the outside world, where we start our discovery journey by tasting everything.  As adults, our mouth serves us daily to talk, eat, kiss … Always in contact with the environment, it is a filter, a “pathway” between […]