Why should we take care of our mouth?

The mouth has an extremely important role in each person’s life. As babies, it is a gateway to the outside world, where we start our discovery journey by tasting everything.  As adults, our mouth serves us daily to talk, eat, kiss …

Always in contact with the environment, it is a filter, a “pathway” between our bodies and the world around us: to take care of your mouth is essential because a healthy mouth is often means being in good health. It is possible that a simple tooth decay, can lead to more serious illnesses.

Even today, some frail patients could avoid any complications or general diseases if they have a good oral hygiene, which is why prevention is needed more than ever in these cases. Taking care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly (before it starts to ache!) ,  often help to avoid complications.

On the other hand, poor general health can have repercussions on oral health: diabetes, HIV (AIDS virus), kidney failure … the list of diseases that affect our mouth is wide.