10 Tips against halitosis

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath is a common inconvenience for people suffering from this. Patients suffering from bad breath, clinically identified by a halimeter generally have bleeding gums, a tongue coated with a bacterial film and a dry mouth. Dental disease can also cause bad breath. In these cases, we must treat this issue with a health professional to treat the halitosis.

1. I have a rigorous oral hygiene: 2 brushings per day for two minutes, complemented by the use of interdental brushes and dental floss to clean interdental spaces and a tongue scraper to remove the bacterial deposit on the tongue.
2. I consult my dentist regularly: It is advisable to do a scaling at least once a year. More dental disease may be causing your bad breath, do not hesitate to consult
3. Drink water: Dry mouth is one of these signs in patients with halitosis. Daily consumption of 1.5L of water allows proper hydration and limit bacterial growth.
4. I avoid certain foods: garlic, onion, leek, spices (curry, paprika …) – These foods are aggravating factors for bad breath.
5. I limit my consumption of coffee: Coffee is a drink astringent that dries the mouth and promotes bad smell. It is recommended to drink a glass of water to hydrate your mouth after coffee.
6. I do not forget: alcohol consumption must be in moderation. Through their strong perfumes, alcohol leaves a strong odour in your mouth and dries it.
7. I prefer menthol food: mint lozenges, chewing gum, mint drinks can be consumed without moderation, as long as they are sugar free. These products will mask the odour but will not treat the problem.
8. I make sure not to fast: Skipping meals can be responsible for bad breath; it is a sign of ketoacidosis when fasting. More fasting continues, bacteria tend to thrive in your mouth and especially on the back of your tongue.
9. I pay attention to the hyper-protein diet: When proteins are metabolized by the body, a bad smell during exhalation.
10. I do not hesitate to consume products acting against the bad smell: The lozenges and sprays help neutralize the CVS and so fight against the bad smell during the day. Moreover lozenges can increase saliva production and thus keep hydrated and fresh mouth.